Shivani Financial currently offers the following value added services in the Forex market:




1) Consultancy Packages

Our approach in Forex trading is that this a proper business and needs proper objectives, plannings and attention. This is an asset management and needs portfolio management strategies.



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Shivani Financial arranges the training program to understand Forex and Forex transactions, at flexible timings through independent trainers...MORE



3) Hourly Pivot Point SMS Service


Subscribe for hourly Pivot Point calculation for currencies and commodities of your choice and receive SMS each hour.


Monthly Subscription = Rs 5,000/= Only

Monthly Subscription for Shivani Financial Clients = Rs 3,000/= Only




4) Intraday Market Picture SMS Service


Get the daily market picture on the go before making trading decisions by receiving it on your mobile phone screen.


Monthly Subscription = Rs 5,000/= Only




5) In-House Trading Facility


Now enjoy the work environment at Shivani Financial premises by trading in a professional environment.


Monthly Subscription :


• Rs 2,000/= for all clients taking consultancy services.

• Rs 3,000/= for self traders with investment above 3,000 USD.

• Rs 5,000/= for self traders with investment below 3,000 USD.



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